New 75 cl Oliba format with sleeve, ideal for giving as a gift and decorating tables this holiday season

One of the season’s novelties in the Oliba Green Beer family, the first green beer with olives in the world, is the 75 cl format with a sleeve. We dress our beers, The Original One and The Empeltre One, up for special occasions. Ideal for those seeking an original, surprising beer as a Christmas present or to decorate the tables at events and on certain days.

Now there’s no excuse for not sharing Oliba Green Beer with whoever you want, as the 75 cl format is perfect for lunches or dinners with your partner, family or friends. Because a good thing shared is twice as good! And if it’s green, mild, refreshing and gluten free… Even better!

Oliba Green Beers – The Original One and The Empeltre One – surprise people wherever they go. The first is a light beer with a smooth and special taste, an attractive green colour and a refined aroma with a subtle olive touch made with native Pyrenean olives. The Empeltre One is more intense than her sister in both smoothness and in taste and colour, differences marked by the olive variety used as a base: the Empeltre of Aragón.

Moreover, this format is here to stay, so you’ll be able to give the gift of Oliba Green Beer with a sleeve whenever you want.