OliBa Green Beer, the beer picked to open Alaska’s wild salmon fishing season at the US Ambassador’s Residence in Madrid

This year, Oliba Green Beer, the first green beer with olive in the world, was the beer selected for the cocktail menu of the wild salmon fishing season opening, held each year at the United States Ambassador’s Residence. The event, organised by Alaska Seafood Spain, took place last Tuesday with the theme “I am Wild, I am from Alaska”. A hundred or so guests attended, including chefs, gastronomic journalists and professionals from the world of gastronomy, who accompanied the dishes on the menu with the first green beer in the world.

The US Ambassador, Julissa Reynoso, and David McClellan, the regional representative of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, were the hosts of the event, a celebration coinciding with the start of Alaska’s wild and responsible fishing season. Ambassador Reynoso opened the event with a speech which emphasised Alaska’s responsible fishing management model, which has succeeding in putting wild fish on the market in a totally sustainable way.

Naumi Uemura, of the restaurant Uemura, and the Josper team were in charge of the event’s menu, which featured, in particular, a wide variety of wild Alaskan fish. They included wild Alaskan sockeye salmon, wild Alaskan coho salmon, wild Alaskan king salmon, wild Alaskan cod, wild Alaskan gindara black cod and wild Alaskan ikura salmon roe. The Klimer brand also participated. Meanwhile, the desserts of Ricardo Vélez, from Moulin Chocolat, put the finishing touch on this day of celebrating and tasting Alaska’s best products.

Alaska has pioneered the development of a responsible and sustainable fisheries management system which, today, is the most advanced, stringent and efficient in the world. Since 1959, the state’s Constitution has officially established that all sea products must be used, developed and maintained according to the sustainable yield principle.

By closely monitoring populations and fishing sustainably, Alaska ensures that its sea products will be enjoyed by generations to come. In fact, fish farms are banned in Alaska to protect wild species from the multiple forms of damage these farms cause to the environment.

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is the interprofessional association which represents Alaska’s fishing industry, based in Juneau, Alaska. For more information on ASMI’s activities, visit www.alaskaseafood.es