The Empeltre One de OliBa Green Beer, premio SIAL Innovation 2022 a la mejor bebida alcohólica

The Empeltre One of OliBa Green Beer, SIAL Innovation 2022 award for the best alcoholic drink

OliBa Green Beer, the first green beer with olives in the world, has been recognised at the SIAL Innovation 2022 awards in Paris as the most innovative alcoholic beverage. Its variety The Empeltre One, made naturally with olives from Lower Aragon, was voted winner by a jury of experts from the food sector, who assessed aspects such as naturality, originality and adaptation to new market trends. 

Among the diverse array of products competing for the 15 prizes in innovation, the variety The Empeltre One from OliBa Green Beer (a Costa Group brand) was selected in the alcoholic beverage section, where it competed against more than 100 international candidates. The awards ceremony will take place in the French capital this coming 15 October, coinciding with the course of the SIAL International Salon, to be held from 15 to 19 of the same month at the Parc des Expositions of Paris-Nord Villepinte, where OliBa Green Beer will also participate through the agricultural holding Costa Food Group, to which it has belonged since January 2022.

Ivan Caelles, CEO of OliBa Green Beer, comments that “for OliBa Green Beer, it is a fantastic piece of news which will allow us to increase our international fame with a different, original gourmet product which surprises the conventional beer consumer. This award motivates us to continue doing what we like: experimenting and committing ourselves to the distinctive value of our beer”.
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Oliba Green Beer Sial Innovation 2022 Paris

Oliba Green Beer Sial Innovation 2022 Paris

Ivan Caelles collected the SIAL Innovation 2022 award this Sunday 16 October in Paris, in the category of most innovative alcoholic beverage, for the variety The Empeltre One.
The award represents a real boost for the brand, granting it great visibility during and after the show. This will make OliBa Green Beer travel throughout SIAL’s international network –Jakarta, Canada, China, the United States and India– to reach new sales agreements and increase the brand’s recognition on a global level.

OliBa Green Beer comes in two lines: The Original One, a light beer with a mild, special taste and a refined aroma with a subtle olive touch, and The Empeltre One, brewed with olives from Lower Aragon, more intense in creaminess as well as taste and colour. The brand won the 2020 award from the Olive Oil School of Spain (ESAO) for Innovation, the Agricultural Technological Innovation Prize (PITA) and, most recently, second place in World Class Food & Beverages at the Dubai International Taste Awards 2022.

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