OliBa Green Beer and Oleícola San Francisco sign a distribution agreement in southern Spain

OliBa Green Beer and Oleícola San Francisco sign a distribution agreement in southern Spain

The first green olive beer in the world, OliBa Green Beer, and the upmarket extra virgin olive oil company Oleícola San Francisco, have signed a distribution agreement for southern Spain to strengthen the sales, innovation and internationalisation strategy shared by the two companies.

The oil company, based in Jaén, has thus become the official distributor in the national south of the acclaimed green beer. In addition, Oleícola San Francisco will head export operations in certain countries where OliBa Green Beer has yet to make a presence. The green beer is currently distributed in 28 countries, and the agreement with Oleícola San Francisco will promote its international expansion. The deal also includes the delegation of OliBa Green Beer’s e-commerce to the Andalusian company.

According to the Jiménez brothers, José and Manuel, co-managers of Oleícola San Francisco, this alliance represents “a unique opportunity to merge the worlds of beer and oil through OliBa Green Beer, an extraordinary and innovative gastronomic product”. The agreement responds to the brand’s desire to diversify its product and innovative sectors on a national and international level.

In turn, Ivan Caelles, CEO of OliBa Green Beer, has expressed his satisfaction for the alliance with Oleícola San Francisco, “a leading company in the Spanish oil sector, with a team of experts and great professionals in high quality products set to drive the green trend in national and international territory”.

They all agree that the deal will represent a turning point in the sector of beer, oil and sales, bringing together two teams with the same innovative vision bound to revolutionise the beer and oil industries.

For Oleícola San Francisco, this collaboration puts the cherry on top of an exceptional start to the year: their Esencial Olive oil has won first place at the prestigious International Mario Solinas Competition and they have obtained the 2022 Jaén Selection Award at the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in Jaén.

A family company founded in 1927 specialised in the manufacture of upmarket extra virgin olive oils, Oleícola San Francisco is ready for the future with modern, versatile operating facilities and an exemplary production system in the sector.
It is, in addition, a leader in oil tourism with the most visited mill in Spain. In this sense, the Jiménez brothers note that one of their goals “is to make OliBa Green Beer the beverage of oil tourism in Spain”.

OliBa Green Beer is the brand that champions the world’s first green olive beer, made naturally with native olives from the Pyrenees. This drink, characterized by its surprising green color, has the unique flavor of the olive varieties typical of the area. It does not contain gluten, which allows it to be suitable for coeliacs.

This innovative project joins the agri-food holding company Costa Food Group, owned by Grupo Costa, which already has extensive experience in the sector and has its production site in Lleida.

Its portfolio is presented in two lines: “The Original One”, a light beer with a smooth and special flavor and a refined aroma with a subtle hint of olive, and “The Empeltre One”, made with olives from Lower Aragon and more intense in unctuousness as well as taste and colour. The brand was accoladed in 2020 with the Superior Olive Oil School (ESAO) Prize for Innovation and the Prize for Technological Innovation in Food Production (PITA).

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