OLIBA Green Beer enters the Dutch market

OLIBA Green Beer enters the Dutch market

OLIBA Green Beer, the first green beer with olive in the world, is arriving in Holland thanks to the distribution agreement between the Spanish company Bright Export Import and the Dutch company Zuivr. The Dutch market can already enjoy this innovative green beer, made from indigenous Pyrenean olives, sold in 33 and 75cl bottles and soon to come, as part of this agreement, to Belgium and Luxembourg.

Sandra López Perea, the manager of Bright Export Import, notes that “the green tendency is coming to Holland through the work of Zuivr, a company which strives for different, high-quality products”. Meanwhile, Ivan Caelles, the CEO of OLIBA Green Beer, assures that “we are proud to introduce our beer to Holland, a country with a long beer-making tradition, with the help of the Zuivr group, experts and great professionals in high-quality products. Without a doubt, the entry in the Dutch market boosts the prestige of OLIBA Green Beer”.

Katja van den Hoof, the founder and head of Zuivr, affirms that “from the moment I had OLIBA Green Beer in my hands, I could sense how special this product is. It’s not like any other beer, it’s really something unique. You can feel and taste it!”

With the entry in Benelux, OLIBA Green Beer has gone one step further in its internationalisation. Since its launch, in May 2020, OLIBA Green Beer has burst onto the international craft beer market, is already present in various countries and is signing agreements to reach new markets.

An author’s beer

This Mediterranean drink, made exclusively with natural ingredients, stems from the union of the two passions of the Spanish producer of extra virgin olive oil Ivan Caelles: olives and beer.
For many years, Ivan has been working to raise appreciation for Barcedana Valley in Pallars Jussà, Lleida, for its landscapes and indigenous olives. The ERM Mountain Olive Oil brand, under which he produces some exceptional olive oils, has represented an authentic catalyst in the territory.

In May 2020, this curious and innovative agricultural engineer released the OLIBA Green Beer “The Original One” onto the market, giving continuity to the initiative begun with Pyrenean oil. Ivan surprised the world with an olive beer that stands out for its attractive and particular green colour, its aroma which transports you to the olive groves and its balanced taste with olive notes.

A few months later, “The Empeltre One”, made with Empeltre olives farmed and harvested by the premium oil brand Mis Raíces, from Bajo Aragón, joined the OLIBA Green Beer family.

A green beer with 100% natural, gluten-free ingredients

The entire selection of OLIBA Green Beer has been brewed in the Bohemian Pilsner style from the Czech Republic. High-quality Pilsen malt and Czech hops like Saaz have been used to offer a product with an alcohol content of 5%, refreshing and smooth. In addition, OLIBA is a gluten-free beer, which doesn’t affect its taste but makes it coeliac-friendly.

“The Original One” is a light beer with a smooth and special taste, an attractive green colour and a refined aroma with a subtle olive touch. “The Empeltre One” is more intense than its sister both in creaminess and in intensity of taste and colour, differences marked by the olive variety used as a base: the Empeltre.

OLIBA Green Beer has received a number of accolades, including the 19th Food Tech Innovation Award (PITA) from the Catalan Department of Agriculture and the ESAO Innovation Award.

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