Oliba Green Beer, the first green beer with olive in the world

Oliba Green Beer, the first green beer with olive in the world


Ivan Caelles Colomés, a producer of extra virgin olive oil, is undertaking a project designed to shine a spotlight on Barcedana Valley and its landscapes and indigenous olive trees. The ERM Mountain Olive Oil brand, under which he produces some exceptional olive oils, has represented an authentic catalyst for the territory.

Now, this curious and innovative agricultural engineer is releasing a new product which combines two of his passions –olives and beer– and provides continuity to the initiative begun with oil. Ivan surprises us with Oliba Green Beer, an olive beer that stands out for its attractive and particular green colour, its aroma which transports us to the olive groves and its balanced, olive-hinted taste.

OLIBA Green Beer, whose official launch was 10 May 2020, has burst onto the craft beer market and is already available in gourmet and local food stores, at the web page and on online platforms.

This Pallars beer is presented in 33cl bottles, a limited 75cl-bottle edition and dispensers for fairs and the hospitality sector. It also comes in basket packs which include either five beers + a souvenir glass or six beers (with no glass) + a surprise gift.


OLIBA Green Beer has been brewed in the Bohemian Pilsner style from the Czech Republic. High-quality Pilsen malts and Czech hops like Saaz have been used to offer a product with a 5% alcohol content, refreshing and smooth.

In addition, OLIBA is a gluten-free beer, which doesn’t affect its taste but makes it coeliac-friendly.


And, naturally, OLIBA Green Beer follows the line of all the projects of Ivan Caelles and his social values, which is why we are committed to organisations like FUNDACIÓ PRIVADA ILERSIS, which supports the integration of people with intellectual disabilities in Lleida, and ONCE, which promotes the inclusion of people with visual impairment and disabilities throughout the Spanish state.

Thus, the youths of FUNDACIÓ PRIVADA ILERSIS have taken on the task of handling and packaging our beers and attaching the braille label, created with the help of ONCE, which allows people with visual impairment to read the product in their hands.


OLIBA Green Beer is “the Mediterranean drink from the Pyrenees”, a concept created by observing the spread of olive tree farming in Catalonia, which stretches from the base of the mountains, like Barcedana Valley, to the Mediterranean coast. As for the name, OLIBA would be the ingredient which makes this beer special, but it has been written with a ‘B’ to give it personality and refer to the idea of Beer. Green Beer, the claim which accompanies the name, highlights the particular colour of the product and lets us know that it’s a beer. A name and a concept with many aspirations, designed to be understandable on an international scale.

Ivan Caelles Colomés wants to emphasise that all this work would not have been possible without his team: the manufacturing company Click&Brew; the designer and marketing manager, Neus Huguet; the media, retail and export team and everyone else who’s done their part. He also wants to thank the Pallars Jussà County Council, the Tremp City Council (“To your taste – “Food of Pallars” programme), the Gavet de la Conca Town Council, Pallars Actiu, the agricultural union JARC (Young Farmers and Herders of Catalonia) and the Catalan Association of Technical Farm and Forest Engineers (demarcation of Lleida).

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