The first green beer in the world with olive launches the new «Empeltre One»

The first green beer in the world with olive launches the new «Empeltre One»

The union between the successful Oliba Green Beer –a beer brand created by the Lleida native Ivan Caelles Colomés, produced with the particularity of being a green beer with a recipe that contains olives– and Mis Raíces –an Aragonese company dedicated to the production and exportation of EVOOs, founded by the Moreno Pastor family in 2016 in Oliete, Teruel– has been made official.

Ivan Caelles Colomés (left) and Víctor Moreno Pastor (right) make the union between Oliba Green Beer and Mis Raíces official


The Oliba Green Beer brand has added The Empeltre One to its product line, a new beer brewed exclusively with Empeltre olives, farmed and harvested by the premium oil brand Mis Raíces, from Bajo Aragón.

Empeltre olive variety on the farms of Mis Raíces, in Bajo Aragón

The Empeltre variety is the emblem and main differentiating point of Mis Raíces, as this variety is quite uncommon and unknown to the world; the worldwide production of Empeltre olives represents less than 1% and, in its vast majority, it is located in Bajo Aragón.

The Moreno Pastor family harvesting the first Empeltre variety olives of the 2020 season

The difference between this new Empeltre One and The Original One stems from a greater intensity of taste, alcohol content and colour, thereby broadening the OLIBA Green Beer selection, which has resolved to offer customers a range of interesting options, with the olive as the characteristic ingredient.

The new Empeltre One selection joins The Original One.


Oliba Green Beer – Mis Raíces has been crafted in the collaborative Click&Brew factory, just like its predecessor, following the Lager style from the Czech Republic. High-quality Pilsen malt and Czech hops like Saaz have been used to offer a product with a bit more alcohol content, 5.5%, and with the same smooth, refreshing touch.

The Empeltre One is more intense than its sister The Original One in both creaminess and taste and colour, differences marked by the olive variety used as a base: the Empeltre.
In addition, Oliba Green Beer is a gluten-free beer, which doesn’t affect its taste but makes it coeliac-friendly.

Mis Raíces i Oliba Green Beer a la fàbrica de Click&Brew definint la nova The Empeltre One


Mis Raíces, whose oils have spent just over four years on the American market, is adding a new category as different and versatile as beer to its portfolio in the hope that its penetration in this competitive market may serve as a trampoline for Oliba Green Beer.

Not in vain has the Aragonese brand managed to distribute its unprecedented oil in the U.S., with a presence in chains as well-recognised as Whole Foods, owned by Amazon since 2017, and eventually conquering over 900 stores.

Presence of the Mis Raíces brand in the oil line-up of the Big Y supermarket chain, in the U.S.

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